Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Family Gathering

Four month before Ramadan, my fiance family is organizing their First 
Family Day. It is taken place at KEM PLKN Pasir Panjang, Port Dickson. All who are attending the event seems happy and eager to begin thier activities that have been prepared by the organizer.


Family Members

  Kids Activities

Adult Activities

 At night, there are BBQ and karaoke session. I also took part in the karaoke session. Gementar pun ado.Walaupun skill nyanyian tidak bagus namun aku tetap rasa happy and enjoy the moment.Yang paling menarik sekali adalah aktiviti 'Musical Chair' yang disertai oleh kaum IBU.  It is really fun and hilarious moment. At last, the Musical Chair activity was conquered by the 'old yet energized' generation.

Karaoke Session


 The beginning of the 'MUSICAL CHAIR'

Almost at the end of the 'war'

The Winner :  Super Mom Grandma

 Our last day is the day where everyone get more excited about. We swim, we jump, we strike. 

Keceriaan, kegembiraan, keseronokan terpancar jelas di wajah masing2. Silaturahim yang sedia terjalin makin erat dijalin.

Waiting for our next family gathering and wonder where it will be?

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