Friday, May 7, 2010


Rasa macam baru semalam jer Cik D attend orientation, meet new frens, attending 'kuliah', merayau2 at PKNS and Plaza Alam Sentral,'berpoya-poya', ambil exam and MERDEKA.

Kenangan tersebut terlalu indah jika diimbas kembali. A lot of memories that we treasure together, I kept tight in my mind and heart.

I thought of organizing a re-U since a few years back and as I realized there is a lot risks and challenging part that I have to make this wish come true.

Finally,someone suggest to me that I should organize the Re-U since a lot of my friends are on FB list. Some people say its hard to get together as they having a lot of commitment and to schedule their free time. Is it? I take those word as a challenge to myself.

As time goes by, I get a full support from those who are really committed to attend this event.It's only a week before the launching day.the Re-U that was planning since last year have to be cancelled due to several unexpected reason.

I thought this re-U might be a place for me and other friends to change their stories, establish our friendship,having some fun, etc but all the excitement change to sorrow moment."God have his reason why we can't meet now". I gain a lot of lesson and experience during my time spend on organizing this half-cooked event.

Reunion was changed to Family Gathering. It sound nice and lebih dekat di hati.

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syahasleen said...

it's ok babe..maybe we should learn from others mistakes...but dun do the same mistake. if you need someone to rely on i'll be shoulder for u to cry on......ok

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